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Bamboo is one of the fastest renewable plants with a maturity cycle of 3-4 years, making it a good natural resource compared to forest hardwoods. Bamboo offers good potential for processing it into composites as a wood substitute. Bamboo laminates could replace timber in many applications including for doors & windows and their frames etc.

One of the alternatives to wood product is the jute-coir composite board which can be utilized for the manufacture of doors. Natural hard fibres such as coir and jute impregnated with phenolic resins can be used for manufacturing these boards. Bamboo-jute composite doors have the advantage of being water resistant, corrosion resistant, termite resistant, eco-friendly, bio-degradable and cost effective.

Such doors are being manufactured by a number of entrepreneurs and can be easily adopted as a substitute for wooden or other type of doors in the house.

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